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Author Bucciarelli, Antonio; de Lorenzis, Silvia; Piperno, Adolfo; Salvo, Ivano
Title Some Computational Properties of Intersection Types (Extended Abstract) Type Journal Article
Year 1999 Publication Abbreviated Journal
Volume (down) Issue Pages 109-118
Keywords lambda calculusCurry types, intersection types, lambda-definability, lambda-terms, strong normalization
Abstract This paper presents a new method for comparing computation-properties of λ-terms typeable with intersection types with respect to terms typeable with Curry types. In particular, strong normalization and λ-definability are investigated. A translation is introduced from intersection typing derivations to Curry typeable terms; the main feature of the proposed technique is that the translation is preserved by β-reduction. This allows to simulate a computation starting from a term typeable in the intersection discipline by means of a computation starting from a simply typeable term. Our approach naturally leads to prove strong normalization in the intersection system by means of purely syntactical techniques. In addition, the presented method enables us to give a proof of a conjecture proposed by Leivant in 1990, namely that all functions uniformly definable using intersection types are already definable using Curry types.
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