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Barbanera, Franco; Dezani-Ciancaglini, Mariangiola; Salvo, Ivano; Sassone, Vladimiro A Type Inference Algorithm for Secure Ambients 2002 Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science Elsevier 10.1016/S1571-0661(04)00321-4 62 83-101
Bartolini, Novella; Tronci, Enrico On Optimizing Service Availability of an Internet Based Architecture for Infrastructure Protection 2006 Cnip
Bobbio, Andrea; Bologna, Sandro; Minichino, Michele; Ciancamerla, Ester; Incalcaterra, Piero; Kropp, Corrado; Tronci, Enrico Advanced techniques for safety analysis applied to the gas turbine control system of Icaro co generative plant 2001 X Convegno Tecnologie e Sistemi Energetici Complessi 339-350
Bobbio, Andrea; Ciancamerla, Ester; Di Blasi, Saverio; Iacomini, Alessandro; Mari, Federico; Melatti, Igor; Minichino, Michele; Scarlatti, Alessandro; Tronci, Enrico; Terruggia, Roberta; Zendri, Emilio Risk analysis via heterogeneous models of SCADA interconnecting Power Grids and Telco networks 2009 Proceedings of Fourth International Conference on Risks and Security of Internet and Systems (CRiSIS) 10.1109/CRISIS.2009.5411974 90-97
Bobbio, Andrea; Ciancamerla, Ester; Minichino, Michele; Tronci, Enrico Functional analysis of a telecontrol system and stochastic measures of its GSM/GPRS connections 2005 Archives of Transport – International Journal of Transport Problems 17
Böhm, Corrado; Piperno, Adolfo; Tronci, Enrico Solving Equations in λ-calculus 1989 Proc. of: Logic Colloquium 88
Böhm, Corrado; Tronci, Enrico About Systems of Equations, X-Separability, and Left-Invertibility in the lambda-Calculus 1991 Inf. Comput. 10.1016/0890-5401(91)90057-9 90 1-32
Böhm, Corrado; Tronci, Enrico X-Separability and Left-Invertibility in lambda-calculus 1987 Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS) IEEE Computer Society 320-328
Böhm, Corrado; Tronci, Enrico X-separability and left-invertibility in the λ-calculus (extended abstract, invited paper) 1987 Proceedings of: Temi e prospettive della Logica e della Filosofia della Scienza contemporanea
Bono, V.; Salvo, I. A CuCh Interpretation of an Object-Oriented Language 2001 Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science Elsevier 10.1016/S1571-0661(04)00171-9 50 159-177