Enrico Tronci

Enrico Tronci

Full Professor - MCLab Coordinator

Enrico Tronci is a Full Professor with the Computer Science Department of Sapienza University of Rome (Italy). Previously he was a Researcher with the Computer Science Department of the University of L'aquila (Italy) and a Post-Doct at LIP (Laboratoire pour l'Informatique du Parallelisme) at the ENS (Ecole Normal Superior) of Lyon (France). In 1991, under the supervision of Prof. Richard Statman, he received his Ph.D degree from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. In 1987, under the supervision of Prof. Corrado Boehm and Prof. Giorgio Ausiello, he received his Master degree in Electrical Engineering from Sapienza University of Rome.

His current research activity focuses on Intelligent Systems (IS), that is, systems able to safely and effectively operate in a environment that is only partially known. Examples of ISs are found among:

Healthcare Systems, CyberPhysical Systems (CPS), Systems Biology, Energy Management Systems, Space and Defense Systems, Logistics, Manufacturing, etc.

In such a framework, the main research topics pursued are the followings.

  • AI and Model Checking based  methods and software tools for verification and validation of ISs.
  • AI and Model Checking based  methods and software tools for automated synthesis of control strategies for ISs.
  • AI and Machine Learning based methods and software tools to automatically develop models for an IS environment from operational data and background knowledge.

He has served as conference chair, member of the program committee or as a reviewer in many International Journals and Conferences.

He has been coordinator for two EC (European Commission) funded research projects, PI (Principal Investigator) for dozens of research projects sponsored by the EC, ESA (European Space Agency), CNR (National Council of Research), ENEA (National Institute for Alternative Energies), MIUR (Italian Ministry for University and Research) and private industries. He has authored more than 100 scientific papers on International Journals and Conferences.