Igor Melatti

Igor Melatti

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Current Position Since 2010/12/30 Igor Melatti is a Researcher at the Computer Science Department of the Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).

Former Positions From 2005/07/11 to 2005/12/31 and from 2006/07/15 to 2006/09/15 he had a "Post Doctoral Research Associate" position at the School of Computing of the University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT, USA). From 2006/02/01 to 2010/12/29 he held a Post-Doc position at the Computer Science Department of the Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).

Education In 2005 he received his Ph.D degree from University of L'Aquila (Italy). In 2001 he received his Master degree in Computer Science from the University of L'Aquila (Italy).

Research Interests His current research interests comprise: Formal methods, Automatic synthesis of reactive programs from formal specifications, Hybrid systems, Automatic verification algorithms, Model checking, Software Verification.

Committees He is in the technical committee of the following conferences:
- ICSEA (Conference on Software Engineering Advances)
- INFOCOMP (International Conference on Advanced Communications and Computation).

Peer-to-peer reviewing activity He has served and serves as peer-to-peer reviewer for the following journals:
- IEEE Distributed Systems Online
- International Journal of Business Data Communications and Networking.
He has served and serves as peer-to-peer reviewer for the following conferences:
- CAV (Computer Aided Verification)
- FMCAD (Formal Methods for Computer-Aided Design)
- PSI (Ershov Informatics Conference)
- ICALP (International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming)
- SAT (Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing)
- LICS (Logic In Computer Science)
- CHARME (Correct Hardware Design and Verification Methods).

Conferences Organization He is or was in the organization committee of the following conferences:
- ETAPS 2013
- CHARME 2003.

Research Projects As a member of MCLab (Model Checking Laboratory, research group of the Department of Computer Science at Sapienza University of Rome, coordinated by prof. Enrico Tronci) he takes part to many research projects funded by EC (European Community), ESA (European Space Agency), ENEA (Italian National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development), CNR (National Research Council), MIUR (Italian Ministry for the Research and University), MSE (Ministry of Economin Development) and private industries. Here is a selected list of projects:
- Ricerca scientifica 2011 (Sapienza University project)
- ESA ITI AO6067: Model Checker Validator for Satellite Operational Procedure
- WFR (MSE): Web Fitting Room
- ULISSE (EC FP7): USOCs KnowLedge Integration and Dissemination for Space Science Experimentation
- SAPP (local project): Advanced System for the Design and Planning of Wireless Networks
- ESA 5459 SSFRT: System and Software Functional Requirements Techniques
- SINTESI (MIUR): Automatic Synthesis of Reaction Rules for Enterprise Processes Management
- CRESCO (MIUR): Computational Center for the Research on Complex Systems