Current version: CMurphi (Caching Murphi) is a model checker developed on the top of Murphi.

The bitbucket page for Cmurphi is here (not actively maintained)

The original Murphi web page is here, while a more up-to-date page is here.

CMurphi implements two new model checking algorithms. The first one has been obtained from Murphi 3.1 release by replacing Murphi Hash Table with a Cache and Murphi RAM queue with a disk queue. The second one is disk based. Both are described in [STTT 2004].

The current version of CMurphi is a refactored one:

  • it corrects some errors coming out with newer versions of g++
  • it supports 64-bit architectures also when using hash compaction
  • it includes FHP-Murphi

The current version of CMurphi (as of 2021/07/23) may be downloaded here (CMurphi 5.5.0).

The original Murphi web page is here (Stanford University), while a more up-to-date page is here (University of Utah).

All versions of CMurphi are listed below.


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namecommentsFHP-Murphi64 bitsfilesize
CMurphi 5.5.0 latest version yes yes cmurphi5.5.0.tgz 1.8 MB
CMurphi   yes yes cmurphi5.4.9.1.tgz 1.8 MB
CMurphi 5.4.9   yes yes cmurphi5.4.9.tgz 1.8 MB
CMurphi 5.4.8   yes yes cmurphi5.4.8.tgz 1.8 MB
CMurphi 5.4.7   yes yes cmurphi5.4.7.tgz 1.8 MB
CMurphi 5.4.6   yes yes cmurphi5.4.6.tgz 1.8 MB
CMurphi 5.4.5   yes yes cmurphi5.4.5.tgz 1.7 MB
CMurphi 5.4.4   yes yes cmurphi5.4.4.tgz 1.7 MB
CMurphi 5.4.3   yes yes cmurphi5.4.3.tgz 1.7 MB
CMurphi 5.4.2   yes yes cmurphi5.4.2.tgz 1.7 MB
CMurphi 5.4.1   yes yes cmurphi5.4.1.tgz 1.7 MB
CMurphi 5.4   yes yes cmurphi5.4.tgz 1.7 MB
CMurphi 4.3.1   no no cmurphi4.3.1.tgz 2.1 MB
CMurphi 4.25   no no cmurphi4.25.tgz 1.6 MB
CMurphi 4.2   no no cmurphi4.2.tgz 1.6 MB
CMurphi 4.3   no no cmurphi4.3.tgz 2.1 MB
CMurphi 4.1   no no cmurphi4.1.tgz 1.4 MB
CMurphi 3.1   no no cmurphi3.1.tgz 1.8 MB